Welcome to the download page. Radio stations can access all the current shows. Each one hour weekly show is downloadable in two parts. I would be happy to do a custom promo for your station. The Motown Memories logo displayed below is available for your website. Please update me if your website address or the day or time you carry the show changes.

I would really appreciate any feedback you have as to how I can improve the show...thanks!

The procedure to download Motown Memories shows is to click on the link below and, click again at the prompt, Affiliates Download The Show Here, the user name is motown and the password is motowntom. Shows and logs will be added each week.


Motown Memories Show Download--Click here!

Email me, Tom Fallon, with any comments, questions or suggestions at!

Please remember to email me if your web site or time slot for the show changes!

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